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When:     Cancelled (Seeking Funding Help!) 

Time:      11:00am to 2:00pm

What:      Food, Ice Cream, Games, Music, Haircuts, Bouncy
Houses, Fire Truck, Foam Corral, community resources and much more!

Where:    Oregon State Fairgrounds (Gray Gate)

Open To: Marion & Polk County Foster Families & those
interested in becoming Foster parents!

Cost:       Absolutely FREE!

It all began in 2004 as an idea form by Ed Hallet!  He presented his idea of what was to become the “Picnic with a Purpose” to the Salem Exchange club. The idea was simple, say thank you to foster parents by hosting a picnic! Although the name has made changes with 2007 being the “Last Chance Summer Picnic” and “Foster Family Picnic” in 2012, the event continues to grow stronger! Attendance has topped 600! No one could imagine at the time the impact the picnic would have. It has proven effective in many different ways.

1. Creates the opportunity for Foster families to learn about the resources offered by businesses and organizations who support the foster families efforts.

2. Brings Foster Parents together to share experiences and ideas in caring for children in difficult situations,(lets them know they are not alone!) A valuable tool in retaining those foster parents.

3. Interests new qualified prospects in becoming foster parents. Which helps to reduce the number of children in each home.

4. Highlighting the fact that for social problems like child abuse prevention we need three groups of people working in an interactive way – trained experts like those at DHS, empathetic parents like Foster Parents who provide a temporary safe haven environment, and proactive support from a community educated to the problems and supporting the team; call it community patriotism!

5. Improves the climate in which trained case managers operate to achieve final resolutions between the natural families and their kids. What we call “Breaking the cycle of child abuse” The children, their natural parents and the whole community wins!

6. Of course let us not forget that it provides fun safe summer activities for the kids and a break for the parents!

To see some of what goes on at the picnic please take a look our photos! If you would like to support this effort in any way just go to our contact page and send us a note!


Lizzie at the Picnic

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